Ajax Dish Soap
  • So, what is a dish soap?

    Dish soaps are formulated to facilitate the removal of greasy baked-on food from dishes (glasses, plates, utensils, pots, etc.). They also suspend (emulsify) the grease in the wash water to facilitate rinsing.

  • Is there anything I should not wash using Ajax® Ultra dish soap?

    There's actually several things you should not wash with Ajax® Ultra. It's not supposed to be used on carpet and rug stains. And please, never think about using it for bathing or shampooing. Also, don't use it as a replacement for Laundry Detergent. Never use your dish liquid in an automatic dishwasher (the suds will overflow), and never ever mix your dish liquid with bleach or ammonia.

    For best cleaning results on all surfaces, follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. (They're there for a reason!)

  • Where can I buy Ajax® Ultra dish soap?

    Ajax® Ultra products are available in a wide variety of retailers in the household products aisle... woohoo!!!

  • Can I use Ajax® Ultra dish soap in my automatic dishwashing machine?

    No. Using dish soap in a dishwashing machine will cause the suds to overflow and can damage the dishwashing machine.

  • Is Ajax® Ultra dish soap safe for septic systems?

    All Ajax® Ultra dishwashing products are safe for septic systems.

  • Can I mix Ajax® with bleach?

    No. Dish soaps should never be mixed with bleach or products containing bleach. The dish soap goes through an ammoniated process, whereby ammonia is introduced to the formula. Although it is not used as an ingredient, there could be traces of ammonia remaining in the product after manufacturing. Ammonia mixed with bleach can cause toxic fumes. If fumes occur, open the window and leave the room immediately.

  • Can I reuse my wash water on my plants?

    We don't recommend it. However, check with local ordinances and Health Department regulations. If regulations allow the use of wash water, the following should be kept in mind: Wash water should not be used on or near edible crops (fruits, vegetables, or herbs). Wash water should not be continuously used in the same area. Alternate fresh water use should take place.

  • How can I get a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

    Please Visit

Ajax Powder Cleanser
  • What is Ajax® Powder Cleanser?

    The Ajax® Powder Cleanser is especially designed as an easy rinse, scratch-free formula that can help you clean a wide variety of appliances in your home. From chrome to porcelain, from ceramic tile to pots, pans, and bathroom fixtures, as well as other durable, surfaces Ajax® Powder Cleanser will help you leave your home shiny and clean.

  • How do I use Ajax® Powder Cleanser?

    Wet surface. Sprinkle Ajax® Powder Cleanser freely. Rub lighting with sponge to make a paste. Clean and rinse. Use Ajax® on pots and pans, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tiles, and even on outdoor items like barbeque grills and garbage cans.

    Use caution and test a small area first on delicate surfaces such as fiberglass, imitation marble, plastics, and enameled appliances. Use plenty of water, rub gently and rinse well. Do not use on silver, fabrics, painted surfaces or plexiglass. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not re-use empty container. Discard in trash.

  • Where can I buy Ajax® Powder Cleanser?

    Ajax® products are available in a wide variety of retailers in the household products aisle. Visit our where to buy page to find a retailer close to you.