Check out all the ways you can use Ajax Ultra in your home

Cleaning for your home

Pretty Much All Of It!

  • Experience the unlimited cleaning power of Ajax® Ultra. It wipes down appliances, marble and granite.
  • You can also use it to clean stainless steel appliances, blinds, bathroom/shower, walls, floors and even patio furniture!


Cleaning for your Garage

And Beyond!

  • Ajax® Ultra washes away dirt and grime from your car's tires, wheels, and hubcaps. It also washes away dirt and grime from your bike's gears.
  • While you're on a roll, use it to clean your hand tools and plastic containers too!


Cleaning for Playtime

Now More Fun!

  • Have you seen Ajax® Ultra in action? It washes water soluble paint off of paintbrushes, hands, and dishes holding paint!
  • Looking to make large blowing bubbles? Ajax® Ultra is your best playmate
  • Use it to clean the kiddie pool after a summer full of fun.


Cleaning for your closet and accessories

Who Would Have Thought?

  • That's right! Ajax® Ultra can be used to pre-treat oil clothing stains to help with laundry stain removal.
  • Don't be dull, you can also use it to shine your jewelry!
  • It cleans your makeup brushes; isn't that pretty?